“SYNERGY 2023: Unifying CX and EX for the Next-Gen” by Infytel and Freshworks

On Friday, 22nd September, 2023 marked a momentous occasion for us, as we hosted a round-table conference with networking cocktail and dinner in Lagos, Nigeria. It exceeded all expectations. From the moment the doors opened to the final applause, it was an evening filled with excitement, inspiration, and connections. We’re thrilled to share the highlights and memorable moments from this unforgettable event in this blog post.

One of the highlights of the evening was the presentation from our wonderful partner Freshworks. In an era where digital transformation is disrupting traditional business models, the industry must prioritize CX and EX to stay competitive.  The event explored the pivotal role of Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX) in shaping the future. The theme addressed the importance of leveraging advanced technologies and innovative strategies, such as cloud security and social listening, to enhance CX and EX.

In addition to the keynote presentations, our ITSM event featured a series of interactive workshops tailored to IT professionals. These sessions delved into practical strategies, ITSM tool implementations, and effective management practices. Attendees left with a deeper understanding of freshservice methodologies and valuable takeaways to apply in their organizations.

Networking is an essential component of any successful ITSM event, and our Friday gathering was no exception. Business Impacts had the chance to connect with peers, potential collaborators, and experts in the field. The event buzzed with discussions about ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Infrastructure Library) frameworks, incident management, and the evolution of ITSM in the digital age.

To keep the atmosphere lively and enjoyable, we also incorporated entertainment into the evening. Live tech demonstrations, interactive freshservice simulations, and a delicious selection of tech-themed snacks and beverages added to the overall experience with a great dinner choices. Laughter and conversations flowed freely, creating a sense of unity among IT enthusiasts.

We were delighted to receive overwhelmingly positive feedback from ITSM professionals who described the event as “insightful”, “informative”, and “transformative” for their organizations. Many shared their ITSM success stories on social media, further extending the reach of our event and building excitement for future ITSM gatherings.

Friday’s ITSM event was more than just a gathering; it was a celebration of innovation, knowledge-sharing, and the ever-evolving world of IT Service Management. We are deeply grateful to everyone who joined us and to our incredible partners Freshworks who made it all possible.

As we reflect on this successful ITSM event, we are already looking forward to future opportunities to unite IT professionals, foster collaboration, and continue our mission of advancing ITSM excellence.

Thank you for being a part of our ITSM journey, and we can’t wait to see you at our next event. Stay tuned for updates and announcements – the ITSM community is on the brink of even greater achievements with freshservice!

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