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Infytel Communication Limited is a technology solution company with a growth mindset that provides leading-edge technology solution and services to organizations. At its core, our motivation is business growth for Enterprise Corporation and in an age of pro-internet technologies.

Infytel has established a variety of strategic partnership with various world class providers of IT software solutions.

What We Do

We explore, develop, and deploy tailor-made solutions either in-house or through strategic technology partnerships.

We partner with product owners and founders by developing products from scratch or growing the existing product.

Infytel is one of the most trusted names in the IT space delivering technology innovation in Africa. Our digital transformation strategies, problem-solving benchmarks and agile business models, enable our clients to digitize, scale, and transform in to high performance businesses.

We combine strategic thinking and emergingtechnologies to provide solutions that consistently break new grounds. We cater our solutions to each client specifically, our creativity is driven by data in an effort to give you the best possible result and position your brand for success.

Why You Choose Us ?

  • Through curiosity, interest, and inquiry, we go to the deep root of the problem and develop the perfect solution for the long run.

  • We partner with leading OEMs to bring the best solutions to our customers.

  • We design, describe, and manage the solution and forecast what it could be in the future.


David Ekundayo

The AML is great.We're still getting used to it, but it's less of an issue. We are still working collaboratively with your team to create the perfect application. Thanks!

Chiwuzie Anabuike

Infytel is a company that has shown great strides and ideas in communications and various processes involved in it. The company has helped me achieve more in engagement with my customers within a short period of time and this is very huge for me. The usage of the platform provided by Infytel helps me with decision making which inturn helps me reach customers in a faster, better, more proper means. Infytel cares about her clients too. Not most companies can boast of this. Whenever you have an issue and reach out to them, they are always ready to assist... Even on a weekend.