Our Solutions

AI Powered Chatbot Solution

The world’s largest Conversational AI Platform

Customer experience, and engagement sits at the core of business growth. Successful businesses consistently seek the most efficient ways to continually engage customers, and mine data to better understand and predict customer behavior, using the best technologies available. Our AI-enabled Chatbot helps your business achieve all of these and more such as:
– Omni-Channel Support: Can be deployed to handle customer quaries across all digital channels (Websites, Apps, Messaging Platforms, etc)  – Best of AI + Human: Automatic routing between bot and live human agents for best customer experience.                                – It’s a One Stop Shop: Everything you need to build, deploy and manage a conversational AI platform across 16 different channel of text and voice

Website Design

Build your brand, your value, your impact

This is an advanced digital age where you cannot afford to take your customer’s digital experience for granted. Your serious competitors aren’t. You shouldn’t either! Making bold statements about your brand starts with a bold, functional, and elegant website. Your business would only experience slow growth, missed sales opportunities, ineffective marketing campaigns without it.
Our web development service delivers high-quality, responsive, yet eye-catching websites to our clients. This means better digital branding, higher-traffic, and potentially increases sales/leads. Your website should have an excellent User Interface/User Experience Design, be responsive (i.e. have optimized display for any screen size or device – a critical feature), and perform all functions critical to your business. Our expert Website Development team would carry out and thorough study of your needs and determine the best web design for your brand’s needs

Digital Marketing

Let your marketing follow your customers attention.

Your customers live in the Digital Space. We all spend almost all our time in the digital world – which is ever so crowded with brands, people, entertainment, and media struggling fiercely for our attention. This is where your customer’s attention lives for the most part. Our expert Digital Marketing team deploys highly nuanced strategy offering relevant marketing to well targeted audience and audience segments for your company.
We offer full range digital marketing services covering Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-per-click (PPC) or Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, Display Advertising, Content Marketing, and Web Analytics. Our approach involves a combination of a thorough study of your marketing needs, your industry’s digital landscape, and a mapping of your customer’s journey and trends, all of which our development of a comprehensive digital marketing plan to deliver your message to it’s target audience, increase sales, and stay top-of-mind.

Secure and Agile Network Connectivity

Best mix of VPN-level security, perfomance and scalability.

The NetFoundry platform is a software-only connectivity solution that enables your applications to instantly spin up secure, performant, application-specific, zero trust networks called AppWANs with public Internet reach and scale. Giving the best mix of security, seamless scalability and more

Security: Authenticates all connection requests before the connection is permitted. Unlike VPN, RDP, and SSH which allow connections to be made first, thus introducing vulnerability. Provides access to private VPC resources without exposing anything to the public Internet to be attacked or breached. Automated Agility: Fully automated by APIs, and Infrastructure-As-A-Code tools. So, secure application connections can be set up right along with the rest of the application stack.

AI-Powered marketing automation

The right message, to the right customers, at the right time.

We are now experiencing the 4th Industrial Revolution, and more interestingly for businesses, the “Age of the Customer”. Your customer’s buying journey has evolved and it’s disrupting the marketing landscape. This solution analyses customer data to drive user-relevant marketing. A full-spectrum Omni-channel Marketing Automation that offers:
– Data-Driven Marketing with Unified View if Customer Allowing one-view of the customer and advanced segmentation for data-driven behavioral, targeted campaigns.                                                        – Agile Marketing with Detailed Reports and Analytics: Analyzing detailed reports of open/click rates, delivery and engagement .          – Automated Marketing with Customer Journey Mapping: Automate the flow of communication based on customer journey.


Transform your IT operations through our agile and intelligent solutions for IT Service Management, IT Asset Management, IT Automation, and Business Service Monitoring.  A fully digitized and automated IT function with ITIL practice. Breaks down the silos and connects all your functions to operate as one unit, through its Enterprise Service Management.

Automates the tracking and management of all your assets – from IT to non-IT, physical to virtual, hardware to software, contracts to entitlements. This delivers savings of at least 40%, with its Enterprise Asset Management solution. Also offering Automated/ Digitized Governance, Risk, and Compliance with pre-built templates, intelligent automation and alignment to the Industry specific regulations ensuring you get to prioritize and manage all the compliances and risks. Be it IT policy or software updates, patch management or contract management.

Digital Omni-Channel banking

A centralized platform that helps banks/financial institutions deliver streamlined, modern cross-platform, and personalized services to customers. Its suite of products include solutions for Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Agency Banking, in addition to powerful digital financial solutions mWallet(Mobile Wallet), mVisa, mPOS(Mobile Point of Sale), Micro Lending, DigiQueue(scalable queue management system to reduce customer waiting time), mChama(provides your customers an app to run/manage an investment club), e-Passbook, and Mobile based account opennning. Internet Banking, intuitive, flexible and can be integrated with self-service channels so customers can initiate a transaction online and complete via other channels. Mobile Banking optimized for SMS, USSD, Mobile web, and smartphone apps. Agency Banking that facilitates hassle-free onboarding helping banks extend services to the remotest, promoting financial inclusion.


Protect your IT setup/Business against a new wave of threats .

• Deal with multi-layer attacks — with seamless integration of cloud and on-premise DDoS protection
• Keep internet-facing applications running — with proactive protection
• Stay safe from global botnet threats — with attack counter-measures
• Stay one step ahead — with real time security updates
• Take control of your IT — with immediate forensics and attack report.        The most responsible and cost-effective approach to safe-gaurd your IT/Business service availability is Prevention using world-class technologies. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have become more common — and more sophisticated. Hybrid DDoS detection systems are now essential if you’re to effectively protect your enterprise from this new wave of threats. The most common attack targets the application layer, threatening critical applications like HTTP, HTTPS DNS, VoIP and SMTP. Meanwhile other attacks target servers and devices including firewalls, IPs and load balancers, exploiting their need for timely responses. You can’t afford to have your applications or systems down for 1 minute in today’s competitive business landscape. We offer  our clients first-rate DDoS protection/mitigation


First-rate solution for real-time fraud detection and prevention by transaction monitoring and customers profiling. Allows you: – Detect fraud spread across channels, countries and silos – Leverage data for improved accuracy in your decisions. – Fine-tune your FRM and Lookup system to serve you better. – Use building blocks made from multiple aspects of transactions, entity profiles and simple statistics to configure complex fraud patterns (Model builder) – Try out fraud models to check their usefulness (Rule Simulator) – Make intelligent decisions with relevant data (Analyst Workbench) – Profile data through web-services.

Application Testing Automation Platform

Take your enterprise software testing to the next level by joining top companies like Oracle, Infosys, and Salesforce in their use of Tenjin for application testing. This superior automated test suite is powered by an intuitive and path-breaking algorithm that automatically “learns” the software’s UI and “re-learns” any changes without manual assistance. 

With this solution, you benefit from immense savings in time, money and human resources.
Big-picture reasons your organization should consider this outsourced testing:

1. Professional, certified testers with domain & application knowledge. 

2. Reduced time-to-market in face of faster updates from OEM / Business needs by leveraging experience and automation tools. 

3. Reputable process that can lead to consistent results, release-after-release

SAP/ERP Solution

Unify all business processes in one smart system

This solution offers smart digital automation that integrates all business processes for faster operations and seamless information sharing between business units of Marketing, Procurement, Sales, Inventory Management, Material Management, Production, Testing, HR. to Customer Relationship Management.  

This means lower cost of operations, faster ROI, and better Customer Relationship Management. 

Comes with various packages that suites all business sizes as follows:

– SAP Business One: Best suited for SMEs.                                              – SAP Business ByDesign: End-to-end single cloud ERP for fast growing, mid-market businesses’ easy and cost effective scaling.    – SAP S/4 Hana: ERP for bigger enterprises, built on native in-memory tech, providing on-the-fly reporting with world-class user interface.  – SAP C/4 Hana: Cloud platform with instant information access – SAP Success Factor: Complete cloud HR suite, scalable to global demand.

Document Management System

Keeping your paperless office documents only on your computer or local server poses the risks of hard drive failure, fire, flood or burglary. And what if you want to access one of those important files away from the office?

Our documents management system are automated software solution for organizing, securing, capturing, digitizing, tagging, approving, and completing tasks with your business files.

Mobile App Development

Unify all business processes in one smart system

We know that every client seeking a mobile app developer is looking to achieve pre-determined goal and vision. At Infytel we develop a myriad of engaging, personalized and adaptive mobile applications using a 100% agile approach for B2B, B2C and Enterprises.

Our process and your journey to the perfect mobile application for your business is to us just as important as presenting to you a product you’ll be proud of – so our development process is simplified.

IT Security Solution

We offer a business context to cyber security through the full spectrum of your organization— from the boardroom to the IT floor. This begins with helping you understand, prioritize, and manage your cyber security risks through four distinct capabilities that will take you from strategy through implementation.

Our IT security solution helps give you that competitive edge of having another perspective.